Surveys Subcommittee

Collecting information about reaction of the Judiciary and members of the Bar to the Principles and the other work of the 7th Circuit Council on eDiscovery and Digital Information is a critical aspect of the Council’s Mission. The Survey Subcommittee is primarily responsible for determining which Council activities should be the subject of a survey, designing the survey with assistance from experts in survey work, preparing reports on surveys, and responding to any questions about the survey. The Survey Subcommittee has worked closely with the Federal Judicial Center (FJC) in Washington DC, which is the educational arm of the United States Courts, in the design and administration of survey questionnaires. The Subcommittee expects to conduct a survey after each major initiative the Council undertakes.

For further information about the Survey Subcommittee and its current projects, please contact either of the Survey Subcommittee co-chairs:

Thomas M. Staunton
Miller Shakman & Beem
180 North LaSalle Street
Suite 3600
Chicago, IL 60601
Phone: 312-263-3700

Natalie Spears
Dentons US LLP
233 South Wacker Drive
Suite 5900
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: 312-876-2556


Additional Members:

  • Joanne McMahon (Outgoing Co-Chair)
  • Debra Bernard
  • Karen Coppa
  • Rebecca Elmore
  • Marie Halpin
  • Tiffany Ferguson
  • Richard Briles Moriarty
  • Adrienne B. Naumann